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Weekend Plans?

It's the 4th of July weekend, and I'm excited about it. First of all, the forecast calls for NO rain. It's been a rainy, flooded mess here, so sunshine is something to celebrate. Second of all, there are a bajillion different fireworks' displays nearby. I love fireworks! Thirdly, I plan…

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Get Back on Track!

Last night I took a walk with my husband, and it hit me that I'd been off track with my health plan for a good week. It's crazy that it took me a week to even realize this!   I also set insanely high writing goals, ones I realistically knew…

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If We Were Having Coffee Together

If you and I were having coffee together, my end of the conversation would include the following.       It's been a very rainy spring/summer for us. On the plus side, our grass is a gorgeous, lush green. On the negative side? It's also full of mushrooms. Yuck. :(…

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