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This Writer’s Inner Care

This Writer's Inner Care. Jill Kemerer Blog

In December we had several unseasonably warm days, and I took advantage of them by walking at a local park. I even took a long walk on a seasonably cold day–it was 19 degrees out! Every time I was out, I breathed in the cool air and noticed the bare branches. My mind kept circling around something I didn’t want to deal with, but finally, I admitted it. I’d been neglecting my inner care.

For two years I’ve followed a health plan that works for me. Sure, I get off track sometimes, but for the most part logging my food using MyFitnessPal six days a week and doing workout DVDs at home on weekdays has kept the weight off and added energy to my life.

But I’m not always great at the inner stuff–taking time to just sit and think. Using my off hours to recharge instead of scrolling on my phone or tackling a house project.

I love to read and always make time for it–there is that. I’ve also maintained a daily Bible reading habit for almost fifteen years. Reading the Bible is a must for inner care. But the silence I crave, the sitting and thinking about nothing? Feels so indulgent!

Inner care isn’t indulgent, though. It’s necessary.

My inner care involves:

  • Silent time to think.
  • Journaling or making lists
  • Long walks outside in every season
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Puttering/tidying my office
  • Chatting with friends
  • Reading
  • Bible reading/prayer
  • Dreaming about vacations
  • Making a wish list

The things I crave might be the exact opposite of what you crave. We all have different personalities. This means what recharges me might give you the heebie-jeebies, and your go-to recharger might make me dry heave. That’s okay! The important thing is to figure out what your soul needs–and make time for it.

Are you good about inner care? What have you been craving? Is there any way to make it happen?

On a side note: I’ve found some great blogs that feature monthly Christian fiction releases, so I’m retiring my monthly roundup and will share the other blogs’ links as I come across them! Check out Batya’s Bits: January Book Releases!

Have a lovely week!

Let’s Set Monthly Goals {January 2020}

Let's Set Goals: January 2020

I’m big on setting goals. By listing them and breaking them down into manageable chunks, I accomplish more than I could imagine. My process is to set monthly goals, then at the beginning of each week, I create daily goals that will work within my current schedule.

It’s really satisfying to check off my list each day. Last year I took the extra step of reviewing my week. I like to do this in a small journal on Sundays. The added bonus? It’s now a little time-capsule I can refer back to when I moan that I’m getting nothing done!

So now that the new month, new year, and new decade have arrived, are you feeling confident? Ambitious? I am! Let’s go back to December and see how I did.

How Did I Do? Jill’s December 2019 Goals:

  • Polish the third book in the Wyoming Sweethearts series and send it to my editor. CHECK
  • Revise/polish proposal and send to agent. NO CHECK
  • Exercise 5 days/week. CHECK
  • Log calories using MyFitnessPal. CHECK
  • Attempt to implement homemade chia pudding as a snack. CHECK. (It’s kind of gross, though.)
  • OTHER:
  • Christmas shopping!! CHECK
  • Check out Christmas lights somewhere. The Toledo Zoo has an amazing display, but the crowds and traffic make me iffy! NO CHECK. I couldn’t handle the crowds this year!
  • Watch Hallmark Christmas movies and read the Christmas novels I bought! CHECK

I also took TWO WHOLE WEEKS OFF from work and social media! It was fantastic! The first week was all things Christmas and extended family. The second week was relaxing and cleaning out the scary closets in our house.

Jill’s January 2020 Goals:

  • Expand the plot, write the long synopsis, and draft the sample chapters of the fourth book in the Wyoming Sweethearts series.
  • Revise/polish proposal and send to agent.
  • Continue gathering ideas for new series.
  • All the first of the year business tasks.
  • Exercise 5 days/week.
  • Log calories using MyFitnessPal.
  • OTHER:
  • Prepare presentation for speaking engagement at the end of January.
  • Read fiction for a minimum of 20 minutes every weekday. (I read tons of nonfiction and want to get more novels in!)

I love the new year! I hope you have a healthy, successful beginning to 2020! Please leave your goals in the comments!

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