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16 Ways I’m Beating the Winter Blues

16 Ways I'm Beating The Winter Blues. Jill Kemerer. Blog

Winter can be rough in these parts. Day after day of gray skies take their toll. I’m sure if you live somewhere that’s always sunny, the brightness could take a toll, too. I wouldn’t know since I’ve always lived in states that have all four seasons. Unfortunately, winter just happens to be the longest season around here.

This year I decided to be proactive. I figure I can’t change the gray skies, but I can try new things to make life feel fresh. Here are sixteen things I’ve done since January 1 to beat the winter blues.

  1. Listened to happy music on Spotify. I’m currently enjoying the Sunday Morning Jazz playlist.
  2. Bought new makeup. I didn’t just buy a blush or a lipstick. No, I threw away ALL of my old makeup. It was past its prime, and I had Christmas gift money to spend.
  3. Watched YouTube videos and borrowed a book from the library to try new makeup techniques. This has been fun. I’d never applied foundation with a small brush before. I wouldn’t do it every day, but I’ll use it when I want to look special.
  4. Walked outside. When you bundle up and wear warm boots, you can get outside in the winter. I recently walked three miles during a gentle snow. It was incredible! So quiet and relaxing.
  5. Rented movies. We watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and I was stunned by the sets. It was like getting transported to Hollywood in 1969. The attention to detail blew my mind. I’ve read several books recently about movie stars, musicians and places (Hotel Chelsea in NYC and Chateau Marmont in LA) in the late sixties, so “seeing” the Sunset Strip back then was a thrill for me.
  6. Sunday pampering. I give myself a mani-pedi every Sunday night. It just makes me feel fresh.
  7. Read magazines in our living room. Our living room is in the front of our house and has large windows and good lighting. The only problem with this room is that it has great views of the sidewalk, and our mini-dachshund Sophie barks at everything she sees. Since she follows me everywhere, I don’t get to enjoy many bark-free reading sessions, but I’m trying.
  8. Went thrift shopping. I enjoy consignment shops and thrift stores. Finding a new shirt or pair of jeans always makes my day.
  9. Spent a few hours at a different library. We are blessed to have multiple libraries in our system that I can borrow from. So I drove a little farther and browsed the stacks at a different library. I found some great books.
  10. Read books in different genres. I’m reading a short story collection, The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury right now. It’s been on my list for a while, and I finally ordered it. I’m enjoying it even if it is creepy!
  11. Tried a new dessert recipe. Valentine’s Day is my day to try new desserts. I made an ice cream pie–well, dome, really. I layered an Oreo crust, coffee ice cream (with added chocolate-covered almonds), hot fudge sauce, chocolate ice cream, chopped Oreos, more hot fudge sauce, and vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate-shell topping. SO BAD FOR YOU (yet so good)!!
  12. Watched a few episodes of Landscape Artist of the Year (Ovation channel). Seeing artists creating incredible landscapes before my eyes is very interesting and satisfying.
  13. Tried a new coffee shop. Coffee is always good!
  14. Browsed a purse sale. Didn’t buy anything. The prices were still pretty high. But sometimes it’s fun to look.
  15. Watched a high school diving meet. Out of all the sporting events I’ve been to, this was a first! It was wonderful to be WARM the entire time. Plus, we’re pretty proud of my son’s girlfriend who excels at diving!
  16. Modified my Passion Planner. I adore this planner! But the bottom sections of the weekly layout weren’t working for me as given. So I modified them to make more sense for my brain. Now it’s perfect.

I could have listed even more, but you get the idea. None of these things cost a ton of money (except for the makeup–thanks, Mom, for the Christmas money!), yet they brought me joy in so many ways. Sometimes beating the winter blues is just a matter of doing something different for a little while.

How do you get through monotonous seasons?

Have a great day!

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A Meddled Match 99 Cents Sale. Jill Kemerer

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Have a very happy Valentine’s day!!

The Importance of Motivation in Fiction

The Importance Of Motivation In Fiction. Jill Kemerer

This year I challenged myself to read fiction for a minimum of twenty minutes every weekday. (#20for2020) I’m LOVING this! I’m trying different authors, different genres, and best of all, I’m enjoying the stories. A few weeks ago I read a historical romance novel set during the French Revolution, and I’m currently reading a contemporary romance.

The books are wildly different. The historical romance reeked of danger. The characters were wily, smart, loyal, brave and captivating. The setting came to life. It was a suspenseful, gripping, and deeply romantic book. It had its over-the-top moments, and I loved every one of them!

The contemporary romance is like getting dropped in a heart-shaped box of chocolates–sweet and fun with a lovable cast. I haven’t finished it yet. While I couldn’t put the historical romance down, I’ve been reading the contemporary in small chunks.

What’s kept me reading these books are the characters’ motivations. I understand why they make every decision they make, and I want them to succeed. The contemporary might be more lighthearted without the high stakes of the historical, but it features a heroine with a strong backstory who knows she needs to change if she’s ever going to embrace love. It’s page-turning in its own way.

Motivation can be summed up in one word: Why?

  • Why did she slam the door in the hot neighbor’s face?
  • Why is it important for her to get to Paris, knowing there are people who want to kill her in the city?
  • Why does she agree to work with him, even though she’s attracted to him and fears a romance will ruin everything?
  • Why is he letting her think he doesn’t know who she really is?

As writers, we must be careful to always give clues and reasons so readers understand why our characters act the way they do. If the motivation is unclear, readers get frustrated, think the character is an idiot and lose interest in the story.

Motivation helps readers bond with the characters. We can have the most action-packed plot in the world, but if the characters are flat and the reader has no idea why they’re acting the way the do, they’ll put the book down and move on to another one.

Every time your character makes a decision, be sure to spell out or hint at the reason why. And if you can make it personal and emotional, all the better.

What books have you read lately? Were they page-turners or slower reads? Did you relate to the characters? Why?

Have a terrific day!

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Let’s Set Monthly Goals {February 2020}

Let's Set Goals February 2020. Jill Kemerer Blog

I’m big on setting goals. By listing them and breaking them down into manageable chunks, I accomplish more than I think possible. My process is to set monthly goals, then at the beginning of each week, I create daily goals that will work within my current schedule.

Each month I share how I did the previous month as well as my new goals. Let’s get to it!

How Did I Do? Jill’s January Goals

  • Expand the plot, write the long synopsis, and draft the sample chapters of the fourth book in the Wyoming Sweethearts series. CHECK!
  • Revise/polish proposal and send to agent. CHECK!
  • Continue gathering ideas for new series. CHECK!
  • All the first of the year business tasks. CHECK!
  • Exercise 5 days/week. CHECK!
  • Log calories using MyFitnessPal. ALMOST CHECK–I missed three days of tracking last month, but I’m calling it a win!
  • OTHER:
  • Prepare presentation for speaking engagement at the end of January. CHECK!
  • Read fiction for a minimum of 20 minutes every weekday. (I read tons of nonfiction and want to get more novels in!) CHECK!

January was VERY productive for me, and I attribute it to returning to my strict block schedule. I often get caught in the trap of wanting to work on ONE thing until it’s finished, but I’ve learned that switching projects for a small amount of time each day helps me get more done.

Jill’s February Goals

  • Writing
  • Revise/polish/submit proposal for Wyoming Sweethearts book 4.
  • Plot basic stories for new series.
  • Start setting up promotion for The Cowboy’s Secret, releasing March 17, 2020.
  • Health
  • Continue exercising 5 days/week
  • Continue tracking calories/nutrition with MyFitnessPal
  • Add more protein to diet
  • Other
  • Get back to my crochet project
  • Pick out four novels to read
  • Go through photos to prepare a slideshow for my son’s graduation party

The power of one hour a day is often underestimated. What have you been putting off because you “don’t have time?” Can you carve out an hour once this week to begin? What about an hour each weekday?

No pressure! I just know from personal experience that there’s an amazing feeling of accomplishment in consistently working on something you’ve put off for a long time. Try it!

I’m a huge fan of Cal Newport’s books. His blog has a ton of interesting productivity and time management tips in the archive. This post, “My Focus-Centric Work Day” is from 2009, and I find it completely relevant today. He divides his days into chunks to work on specific projects. My “Shoulder” chunk is at the end of each day, and it’s when I switch gears. I write blog posts or newsletters, draft short stories, plot new books, study, read blogs, you name it. It’s wonderful!

What were your goals last month? How did you do? What would you like to accomplish in February? Leave a comment!

Have a terrific week!

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