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The Inside Scoop with Janice Boekhoff

Crevice by Janice Boekhoff

Today Janice Boekhoff is graciously answering questions about her writing life. Janice writes for Wild Blue Press, and her debut novel, Crevice, is available now! Don’t worry, I have all the links and book info below!

Let’s get to it.


1. How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

When I was a pre-teen, I discovered Stephen King novels. I read his books late into the night, maybe not the best parenting decision by my parents since it gave me vivid nightmares, but it fostered a love of reading. And soon thereafter came a secret desire to craft engrossing stories, to be a novelist. But I was too afraid to try. I wrote a short story in high school that received an average grade, so I was convinced I didn’t have any talent (easily defeated, I know). I put that dream aside and pursued others, including becoming a geologist and a mom.

But as I approached 40, I realized I had one dream yet to be fulfilled. Since I had nothing to lose if I failed, I started writing and fell in love with it. Having a little world at your mercy is somewhat addictive (maybe I have a few control issues). Even so, I still didn’t tell anyone I was writing. What if they thought it was terrible?

After a couple of years of nursing my obsession, I realized it would be more fun if other people joined me in the little worlds I had created. I slowly started to let people read my stuff. Those first pages were pretty awful. I had a lot to learn, but I had taken my first step down the long road to publication.


2. What is unique about your process?

I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer, which means I write whatever comes to me at the time, and yet I’m envious of plotters. I have tried and tried to plot more, with some success, but I can’t fully plot out a novel. I get stuck somewhere in the middle, unsure of how to get to the end. So, I plot as much as I can and then start writing, knowing I’ll figure out the middle as I go. My first drafts are the stuff of writer’s nightmares. Seriously, when I attack them with my red pen, the whole page is bleeding. Good thing I like to edit because I’m forced to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite …


3. What inspired your book?

For Crevice, it was the historical thread that captured my interest first. I’ve always loved a good treasure hunting story (Indiana Jones, anyone?). A couple of years ago, I saw a television program on the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Very little is known about the Dutchman (Jacob Waltz) so my writer’s brain wanted to create a story for him, including reasons why the mine had never been found. I wrote everything on the Dutchman’s life first, before even deciding whom my main characters would be. By the time I was done, I loved the Dutchman, but I knew I wanted this to be more than a historical novel. The Dutchman’s story needed to intersect with a modern day mining geologist, and thus the character of Elery was born.


Bonus behind the scenes info: The original name for Elery was Every (from a bible verse James 1:17, Every good and perfect gift is from above …) until my critique partner pointed out that it meant I couldn’t use the actual word every, like ever, in the novel. Oops.


4. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

The best writing advice I ever received came in my first rejection letter from an agent. He said I was overwriting. I was grateful for the feedback because many agents send out merely a form letter, but I was confused. I knew I wasn’t a flowery writer. My prose didn’t describe things in detail or use long poetic phrases. Later, a writer friend helped me understand what he meant. My scenes were telling the reader what happened, showing them what happened, and then telling them again to make sure they got it. For me the greatest advice has been to resist over explaining—trust the reader!


Janice, I read my first Stephen King novel when I was twelve. It terrified me so much, I threw it on our back porch before I went to bed!! I think it’s so cool you always had the itch to write but pursued a degree in science and became a mom. My journey was similar. I became an electrical engineer and a mom before I started writing seriously. It’s funny how God works, isn’t it? Congratulations on your incredible debut novel–it’s an emotional page turner, that’s for sure!!



Crevice ~


Crevice by Janice Boekhoff


Desperate to save her family’s struggling gold mine, Elery Hearst orders her crew to dig a new tunnel in a last-ditch effort to intersect the original gold vein. Rather than saving her legacy, however, the tunnel collapses, killing one of her men. Initial reports blame the tragedy on faulty equipment—an old machine Elery should have replaced.

Before she can come to terms with the guilt and regret consuming her, Elery’s brother disappears in search of the Lost Dutchman, a legendary mine of vast riches, and what he believes to be the solution to his family’s grave financial situation. To find her brother, Elery must now ask for help from the one man she’d rather avoid—Lucan Milner, the twin brother of the miner who died in the collapse.

Still struggling with the loss of his only brother, rescue tracker Lucan Milner reluctantly agrees to help with the search. But when Elery insists on coming along, her presence forces his emotions to the surface. How can God expect him to forgive her?

Then, Lucan’s tracking dog is injured, bringing the search to a halt. Lucan and Elery realize the only way to find her brother is to find the Lost Dutchman Mine. And Lucan holds the secret that can help—journal pages written by the Dutchman himself.

But sharing them with Elery not only rips open his grief-stricken heart, it puts both of them in the path of a killer. In these deserted mountains, they aren’t the only ones desperate to find the lost mine.

Purchase Crevice Here!




About Janice ~

Janice Boekhoff


Janice Boekhoff is a former Research Geologist who pours her love of science and the outdoors into her suspense novels. Janice is a three-time finalist in the ACFW Genesis Contest. She writes from Iowa (not to be mistaken for Idaho), where she lives with her amazing husband and three feisty sports-addicted kids. Learn more about Janice at her website!


Do you ever read scary novels?

Have a wonderful day!

Back to School Supplies! Writer Wednesday

My kids go back to school in a few days.  We have two freshmen–high school and college! Yes, I’ve hit “mom” mode where my brain spins with one part practicality (notebooks, parking pass, pens), one part relief (I get the whole house to myself to write again), one part dread (the alarm clock and I WILL battle), and several parts irrational fears (will they have friends, find their classes? And will they please stop growing up???).


School Supplies 1


The one bright spot in this for me (besides being proud that they are maturing into lovely adults and all that jazz) is the back-to-school supplies! I love them! I dragged/forced my son to a superstore to shop last week, and my soul lit like the Rockefeller Center at Christmas when I saw fifteen cent notebooks, cheap index cards, thirty-packs of pens, highlighters, binders–yippee!!

School supplies 3


Did my kids need eighty dollars worth of papers and pens? No. Did I? Yes. It’s all stacked and ready to go in my office closet. I go through a LOT of index cards, cheap notebooks and pens during the year!

School supplies 2


If you’re a writer, I highly recommend plunking down some cash to stockpile office supplies in August. I’d much rather spend fifteen cents on a notebook now than a dollar for the same one in three months. Ditto with pens! Full disclosure: my family tends to steal my pens. Every writing tool I own then disappears into the ether. I don’t even know what that means, but it happens. For real.

Do you buy school supplies for yourself? What is always on your “buy” list?

Have a terrific day!

8 Years of Blogging!

8 Years of Blogging!

I have been blogging for eight years! Can you believe it? I can’t!

Last night I was browsing Feedly, my preferred reader, to catch up on blogs. I came across Elizabeth Spann Craig’s, Long-Term Blogging, Part 1, and I realized she and I began blogging around the same time. I decided to check the date of my very first post, back when I used Blogger, and yep, there it was. August 7, 2008!

For giggles, I’m linking my second post, “If Romance Writing Were an Olympic Sport.”


8 Years of Blogging!

I added up all the posts from my Blogger site and from this blog, and I’ve written 1020 posts.That doesn’t include all the ones I’ve written as a guest or for my group blogs. Wow!

Way back when I wrote my first post, I had no idea if I would blog more than a year. Finding an audience took time, and it seemed as though every other blogger had a much bigger following than I did. But I decided I didn’t care, and I forged ahead.

A few bloggers helped me by sharing advice. “Add a Followers button so people can get your new posts.” “Put share buttons in your sidebar.” “Decide on a posting schedule.” And I learned from other bloggers, Jody Hedlund in particular. Within a short amount of time, I’d made online writer friends, some of whom would become my critique partners, and many would remain good friends.

Announcements were made in those years. I cheered as my friends got agents and contracts. But I also fought sadness as my day never came. But I pressed on. And on. And my knowledge grew. I understood about building a platform and was happy to share what I learned. My writing grew as I studied the craft and continued to write book after book.

And then one day it happened. I finally had good news to share. I’d landed an agent! And more years would go by before that wonderful first contract offer. Still, I kept blogging.

But then something happened. A lot of blogs disappeared.

Oh, the blogs were still there out in cyberspace, but new posts? Nope. Many bloggers who I connected with in those early years quit posting for various reasons. I wondered if it was worth it to continue. My comments dwindled, but each post still had plenty of hits. Obviously, people were reading it, so why wouldn’t I keep writing posts?

I love blogging. I haven’t been as consistent this year–sometimes I skip Fridays!–but I still love it.

Here’s to eight years of blogging! Thank you for being a part of it!!

What draws you to a blog? What keeps you coming back?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Cover Reveal! Writer Wednesday

Yuletide Redemption

The past two weeks have been so nice! We’ve visited family, and I’ve been able to catch up with several friends. I’m loving it! My writing schedule has been a bit more relaxed, too, which allows me to putter and read more than usual. Both puttering and reading make me happy. :)


Another lovely surprise? I got my cover for Yuletide Redemption! This book releases December 1, 2016, but paperbacks will be hitting store shelves as soon as November 22, 2016. It’s also available for preorder! I can barely take the excitement! Yay!!


Yuletide Redemption


A Mother’s Christmas Wish 

After an accident leaves Celeste Monroe to raise her baby nephew, all she wants is to provide one-year-old Parker with a happy life. She hopes taking a job caring for injured Sam Sheffield will help fulfill that goal. But Sam’s determination to avoid the world throws a wrench in her plans. Despite his best efforts, Sam can’t take his eyes off the pretty caretaker. Her strength and her loving nature has him falling for her—and her baby. But he refuses to burden them with a man who’s not whole. Can Celeste convince Sam he’s daddy—and husband—material in time for them to celebrate Christmas together?

Here are the preorder links!

Paperback through Amazon

Kindle ebook through Amazon


How is your summer going? What do you still want to squeeze in?

Have a terrific day!

Talking About Books on Television! Writer Wednesday

I was recently asked to appear on Rebecca Regnier’s local morning television show, Full Plate, and of course I said YES! The episode aired last Sunday, July 31, 2016. Whee! Since I’m not a television personality, I spent time preparing for it. You can read all of my handy-dandy tips– including the ultimate no-no STRIPES!!–over at the Pink Heart Society, “Tuesday Talk Time–Television Tips!

And without further ado, here is the clip!

If you can’t see the clip above, here is the link to it! Full Plate: Local Authors Share Their Summer Reads.

By the way, the books I recommended were Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Karen Witemeyer’s No Other Will Do. Both were excellent books, perfect for the beach!

Have you ever been on television? If yes, did it make you nervous or did you love it? If no, would you jump at the chance or turn it down?


Have a terrific day!

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