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Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

I've been eagerly anticipating Cal Newport's new book--Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. I finished reading it over the weekend, and it lived up to my expectations. Learn more about DIGITAL MINIMALISM at Basically, the book underscored what I already know to be true--social media,…

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What Are Your March 2019 Goals?

March Goals 2019 Jill Kemerer #ww

March is here! Does this mean spring is coming soon? I hope so! It regularly snows here through mid-April, so I won't hold my breath! In the meantime, I've been busy writing. Let's review and set goals. Jill’s February 2019 Goals Revise and submit Wyoming Twins Christmas ReunionPromote A Meddled MatchHealth: Track…

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