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Jill Kemerer Book Signing

Media ~

Are you a blogger, reviewer, or journalist? Feel free to use the author photos, book information, biographies, and fast facts in my MEDIA KIT.

Jill Kemerer

For Readers ~

Two of my favorite sites are Goodreads and Pinterest. You can find reviews of my books on Goodreads, and I have boards on Pinterest for anything and everything that catches my eye. I create book-themed boards too.

Are you on Instagram? I share pictures and graphics, so be sure to follow me @jillkemerer.

You’ll also find some of my most popular blog posts. Hope you enjoy them!

For Writers ~

You’ll find my most popular articles on time management, the writing craft and social media. Stop by my blog on Wednesdays for new posts!

Jill Kemerer's YouTube Videos

YouTube ~

Head to my YouTube channel for video blogs!

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