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My One Word and a Winner!

My One Word

Who is ready for Christmas? (No one?? Ha!) Well, guess what? You've got another day, so no worries. You've got this! In between wrapping presents, buying presents I forgot about, and all the other holiday craziness, I've been taking time out to reflect and pray. Every year I skip the…

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Coming to the Blog in 2016

I've been looking ahead to the new year, and I'm excited. 2016 will mark my 9th year of blogging! Can you believe it? Nine years! Wow!     I still really enjoy blogging, and I'll be continuing my twice a week schedule in 2016. Wednesday will be writing-related. Expect writing…

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The Value of Brainstorming

I spent most of the week at our local junior high. The eighth grade social studies classes are writing children's books based on the revolutionary war, and I was blessed to help. Most of Wednesday and Thursday were spent brainstorming with individual groups each period. Sometimes it's hard to take a…

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Do You Buy Yourself Stuff in December?

I'm not much of a shopper, but every December I end up buying things for myself while Christmas shopping. Oopsies! For instance, I recently purchased the latest CD by Alabama Shakes, Sound and Color, a new medium-sized casserole dish since my favorite one had a huge chip in the handle, a boatload of…

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