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Organizing the Writing Life: Digital Files

Organizing the Writing Life: Digital Files by Jill Kemerer

Organizing digital files. You might be asking what’s the big deal? You always find the files you need…eventually.

But what about last month when a blogger asked to interview you and needed the blurb and cover of your latest book? It took a few minutes, but you found them. Then you got another email requesting the covers of all the covers in the series. That’s when things got dicey.

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The Importance of Motivation in Fiction

The Importance of Motivation in Fiction. Jill Kemerer

This year I challenged myself to read fiction for a minimum of twenty minutes every weekday. (#20for2020) I’m LOVING this! I’m trying different authors, different genres, and best of all, I’m enjoying the stories. A few weeks ago I read a historical romance novel set during the French Revolution, and I’m currently reading a contemporary romance.

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Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

I've been eagerly anticipating Cal Newport's new book--Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. I finished reading it over the weekend, and it lived up to my expectations. Learn more about DIGITAL MINIMALISM at Basically, the book underscored what I already know to be true--social media,…

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Writing Links: Plotting, Rest and More

Writing Links: Plotting, Rest and more

It's been a tad busy here with summer baseball still going strong and a few deadlines I'm hurtling toward, so I'm keeping this short. Last Saturday at writer's group, we discussed various three-act plotting beat sheets. I thought you might enjoy them, too. Michael Hauge has a fantastic Structure Chart…

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