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My Revision Process

Light wood desk background with laptop and pens. Text, "My Revision Process,"

If you spend any time searching for freelance editors, you'll see several different types of editing. Developmental edit, substantive edit, content edit, copy edit, line edit, proofread. It's enough to make your head spin! My revision process combines three of these options. As an author, it's not enough for me…

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Organizing the Writing Life: Digital Files

Organizing the Writing Life: Digital Files by Jill Kemerer

Organizing digital files. You might be asking what’s the big deal? You always find the files you need…eventually.

But what about last month when a blogger asked to interview you and needed the blurb and cover of your latest book? It took a few minutes, but you found them. Then you got another email requesting the covers of all the covers in the series. That’s when things got dicey.

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The Importance of Motivation in Fiction

The Importance of Motivation in Fiction. Jill Kemerer

This year I challenged myself to read fiction for a minimum of twenty minutes every weekday. (#20for2020) I’m LOVING this! I’m trying different authors, different genres, and best of all, I’m enjoying the stories. A few weeks ago I read a historical romance novel set during the French Revolution, and I’m currently reading a contemporary romance.

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Why Our Characters Must Fail

Why Our Characters Must Fail by Jill Kemerer

This post was originally published on November 28, 2011 at I recently read a novel but struggled to get into the story. Each time I put it down, I had no desire to pick it back up. Tempted to stop reading, I decided to forge ahead and figure out…

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Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

I've been eagerly anticipating Cal Newport's new book--Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World. I finished reading it over the weekend, and it lived up to my expectations. Learn more about DIGITAL MINIMALISM at Basically, the book underscored what I already know to be true--social media,…

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Are You a Comma Master?

Are you a comma master? Jill Kemerer blog

Commas. Where do they go? Why did I throw one there? Does this phrase need one? Are seventeen commas in one sentence too many??? (Yes.) I consider myself at intermediate level when it comes to comma placement. No matter how much I edit, I always find spots where I've misplaced…

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Writing Links: Plotting, Rest and More

Writing Links: Plotting, Rest and more

It's been a tad busy here with summer baseball still going strong and a few deadlines I'm hurtling toward, so I'm keeping this short. Last Saturday at writer's group, we discussed various three-act plotting beat sheets. I thought you might enjoy them, too. Michael Hauge has a fantastic Structure Chart…

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