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3 Scoops of Life vol 3

Graphic with text. 3 Scoops of Live vol 3. 1 Professional, 2 Personal, 3 encouragement, Small steps big results.

Small Steps, Big Results This month, I'm convinced the concept of small steps, big results is true. Small steps really do lead to big results. Before we get into it, though, what is 3 Scoops of Life? It's my monthly series where I simply highlight three good things in my…

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March 2023 Goals

March 2023 Goals. Jill Kemerer Blog,

My writer productivity skyrockets when I set monthly writer goals, and it's time to share my March goals. At the beginning of each week I break them down into daily tasks that fit my current schedule. Do you know how great it is to finish projects? Of course you do! For me,…

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