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3 Scoops of Life vol 3

Graphic with text. 3 Scoops of Live vol 3. 1 Professional, 2 Personal, 3 encouragement, Small steps big results.

Small Steps, Big Results This month, I'm convinced the concept of small steps, big results is true. Small steps really do lead to big results. Before we get into it, though, what is 3 Scoops of Life? It's my monthly series where I simply highlight three good things in my…

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3 Scoops of Life vol 2

3 scoops of Life, vol. 2 by Jill Kemerer,, good things

Welcome to my monthly series called 3 Scoops of Life. I love ice cream, and 3 scoops seems like a dream cone to me. No, we’re not eating ice cream (although we can!). I’m simply highlighting three good things in my life each month. One is writing/work related. One is personal.…

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