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Depending on the Cowboy Release Day!

Depending on the Cowboy Release Day., Jill Kemerer. Wyoming Ranchers book 4. February 2023. Love Inspired Books

The holidays are over. January is zooming by. You’re in the mood to read, but what? Well, I can help with that. The fourth book in my Wyoming Ranchers series, Depending on the Cowboy, releases today! Yeehaw!

So here’s a little info about the book. Blaine Mayer recently took over half of the family ranch and is nervous about doing things right. His older brother Jet (from A Cowboy to Rely On) has been in charge for several years. Blaine’s always felt like he’s a step behind Jet. Plus, the dry weather conditions have him and all his ranching buddies concerned about how they’ll feed the cattle in the upcoming winter.

To further disrupt Blaine’s world, his high school crush, Sienna Powell is staying in the nearby cabin with her teen niece and nephew–just for the summer–to help his mother and sister with their candle company. Sienna is recently divorced…and very pregnant.

She’s also easy to talk to. Quiet Blaine understands her concerns about her niece and nephew (their separated parents are trying to reconcile), so together, he and Sienna do their best to make the summer fun for the kids. And in the meantime, old sparks start to fly. But they both have baggage not easy to leave behind. They’ll have to trust God’s plan for their lives in order to have a future together.

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Release Day! Guarding His Secret

Release Day Guarding His Secret by Jill Kemerer
Not only is summer almost here, but I have a new book out! Woohoo!!

GUARDING HIS SECRET is book 3 in my Wyoming Ranchers series, and it’s also the sixth book in Love Inspired’s K-9 Companion series. I’m super excited about this book!

Randy and Hannah have been friends for years. When his brother has to leave town due to an emergency, Randy asks Hannah to run his store while he takes care of the family ranch. But his brother returns with a secret baby, throwing all their lives into chaos. Add a rambunctious puppy and a retired service dog who seems to see right through Randy’s own secrets, and it will be a summer to remember!

Check out this short book trailer for GUARDING HIS SECRET:
Release Day! Guarding His Secret Trailer
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A Cowboy To Rely On Release Day

Release Day! A Cowboy to Rely On

It’s here!!

A COWBOY TO RELY ON release day–book 2 in my Wyoming Ranchers series is in stores now! Woohoo!!

This book follows Jet Mayer as he searches for answers about his estranged brother’s death a year ago and stumbles onto two shocking secrets–a widow and a baby! Holly and little Clara are struggling, so when the Mayer family comes into the picture, she reluctantly accepts their help. Little do she and Jet know how much their lives will change by the end of the book!

Here’s the cover and back copy:

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Release Day! The Prodigal’s Holiday Hope

I’m so excited! Today my new series, Wyoming Ranchers, kicks off with the release of book one, The Prodigal’s Holiday Hope!

The series follows six ranchers who’ve been best friends since high school. Each of them faces big challenges in Sunrise Bend, Wyoming, and the first book follows Sawyer Roth.

Let’s see…what’s in the book.

– Sawyer returns to Sunrise Bend after a decade of living in New York City. He’s deeply ashamed of his past and eager to have a new start as the manager of the ranch he grew up on.

– Tess Malone is the rancher’s daughter. She’s a single mom trying to take care of her toddler, Tucker, and her terminally-ill father, Ken.

– The ranch is rundown.

– Sawyer’s broke.

– Tess is angry at her ex for not being involved in their son’s life.

– And both Sawyer and Tess have trust issues a mile wide.

But…it’s Christmas and second chances don’t come around all that often.

You can find The Prodigal’s Holiday Hope at Walmart (typically for 25% off!) and other supercenters where Harlequin Love Inspired books are sold. It’s also available at Barnes & Noble and some Books-a-Million locations. Or you can order your copy from any of the retailers listed on my website. Simply click on The Prodigal’s Holiday Hope for all the purchase links!

And guess what? Book two, A Cowboy to Rely On, releases December 28, 2021! It’s available for preorder now!

Check out this short book trailer for THE PRODIGAL’S HOLIDAY HOPE!!

The Prodigal's Holiday Hope

He’s learned from his mistakes…

But can he prove he’s changed?

When Sawyer Roth is hired to work on his childhood ranch, he knows he has a damaged reputation to repair. Tess Malone, the new ranch owner’s daughter, is the hardest to win over. But as Christmas approaches, Tess and her toddler son find a way into Sawyer’s heart. He lost everything the last time he put his trust in love. Can he risk it all again?

Click on The Prodigal’s Holiday Hope for purchase links!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Are you reading Christmas books yet? Watching Christmas movies? Do tell!

Have a wonderful week!

A Huge Milestone Thanks to You!

Huge Milestone Jill Kemerer

I recently went through my latest royalty statements. For those of you who aren’t in the publishing industry, royalty statements are a breakdown of the sales of your books. I always print them out, review them and add up my total sales (this includes the sales of all my previous books).

I’m thrilled to share that over half a million of my books have sold worldwide! All thanks to you!

Thank you for reading my books, reviewing them, recommending them to friends, for subscribing to my newsletter and for reading this blog. I am honored that you take the time to stop by. I know you’re busy!

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Release Day! Hers for the Summer

Release Day! Hers for the Summer by Jill Kemerer

Release Day! Happy day! Hers for the Summer is in stores now! Whee!!

This is the fourth and final book in the Wyoming Sweethearts series. I’m sad to see it end!

If you’ve read any of the other books, you’ll recognize Eden Page, Ryder Fanning and his adorable identical twins, Harper and Ivy.

Ryder’s back in Rendezvous, Wyoming, and this time for good. He recently purchased the ranch Eden grew up on, and he needs a loving babysitter for the girls for the summer. Eden’s the only one who will do.

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Big News!!

6 Book Contract. Jill Kemerer

I signed a 6-book contract with Love Inspired! Aaaahhh!!!

Yes, this means more cowboys (a LOT more cowboys) are coming your way starting in the fall of 2021. All six books will be set in fictional Sunrise Bend, Wyoming. You might remember the town from my novella, A Merry Wyoming Christmas, in the 2-for-1 Western novella collection, WESTERN CHRISTMAS WISHES, with Brenda Minton last year. If you haven’t read it, purchase links and more information can be found HERE.

In the meantime, the third book in my Wyoming Sweethearts series releases next Tuesday! Yay!! And I still have a fun giveaway going on. You can read about it and enter it at!

Giveaway! The Cowboy's Christmas Blessings

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for celebrating with me!!

New Release: The Cowboy’s Secret

New Release The Cowboy's Secret, inspirational romance, Jill Kemerer

Looking for a new release in inspirational romance? The second book in the Wyoming Sweethearts series, The Cowboy’s Secret, is in stores today! I had a blast writing this book. Here are some reasons you might want to pick it up (the price alone is worth it–$4.48 at Walmart and other superstores, and $5.99 at Barnes & Noble!).

The Cowboy’s Secret

  • A heroine who doesn’t like cowboys
  • A hero who’s pretending to be a cowboy
  • An adorable baby I could just smother with kisses
  • Plenty of friends from the first book in the series, Her Cowboy Till Christmas
  • Summer in Wyoming (I would take summer anywhere, at this point!)
  • No pandemics in this one–you can escape into a romance!
  • New release: Inspirational romance with Love Inspired
The Cowboy's Secret by Jill Kemerer April 2020

I’m also very excited that my book, Reunited with the Bull Rider, has been rereleased with Brenda Minton’s, The Rancher’s Secret Child, in a 2-in-1 Western collection. It’s in stores today, too, and you get both books for one low price!

With all the unsettling news, I pray you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe. Please remember to pray and to trust God’s plan. It isn’t always easy!

Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Is the coronavirus news making you read more? Or less? (For me, more!)

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