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I Left the House!

Okay, today’s title probably seems sarcastic, kind of like the meme going around about not needing to say you see snow because we all have eyes, but for real, this isn’t snarky. I tend to hibernate in the winter. Sure, I get groceries and run an errand or two, but more often than not, I’m snuggled up in my cozy home, working on a writing project.

Yesterday I finished my to-do list early, and I knew. It was time. Time to zip up my winter coat, slip on my Isotoner gloves, and swipe some lipstick on.

I left the house!!

I’m embarrassed to admit I had no idea where to go. I knew I wanted to brainstorm story ideas. A coffee shop would be ideal. But which one? Panera, Starbucks, the cute and trendy Parker, or the also trendy The Flying Joe? Decisions, decisions. I had to drop stuff off at the Post Office first, and I still hadn’t decided where to go when I hopped back in my car.

Finally, I just started driving. Remembered Starbucks gift cards hiding in my wallet, and it was a done deal. We have a Starbucks in our Barnes & Noble, but I preferred a more intimate setting. I headed to one of the stand-alone stores. As soon as I entered, I let out a happy sigh. The lighting was just right, the big pictures on the walls and the dark wood floors gave it the vibe I was looking for.

After an hour of brainstorming, people watching, and cappuccino sipping, I packed up my stuff and left. It felt good to be out. Felt great to soak in a different location. And I got a ton of ideas for stories and books. What’s not to love about that!

Do you hibernate? Do you ever steal an hour to enjoy coffee in a shop by yourself?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Jill Kemerer writes contemporary romance novels with love, humor and faith. Besides spoiling her mini-dachshund and keeping up with her busy kids, Jill enjoys magazines, M&MS, fluffy animals and nature walks. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two children.  Jill loves connecting with readers, so please visit her website,

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  1. Yes, I hibernate in Winter. I don’t venture out unless I absolutely have to. (I don’t do the grocery shopping). As a rule, I don’t get cabin fever. That being said, a new Starbuck’s is being built at the new shopping center on the highway 2 miles from me. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

  2. I’m a hibernator, too!! I was thinking about leaving the house today, but then I remembered I took bebe to swimming yesterday so…fuzzy socks, yoga pants and my Rita books for the win!! 😀

  3. I love the snow! I loved the anticipation of this huge storm hitting today. Later, I will be out in it making a snowman. As far as going out in it, I like to ride around when everyone else is stuck at home. It is so peaceful and quiet. We live close enough to the main road to do this once the roads are clear.

  4. Due to my in-home therapy sessions, I can’t drive until I am released by the therapists. We pick up a new car on Tuesday. I couldn’t test drive it. It rode nice. I will be evaluated soon. I hope to be released sometime soon. I have a lot of things I keep putting off doing “until I can get out on my own.” I have a coffee shop in mind. The place is just beyond the university. I asked permission of the owner/manager to go there and do some writing. Then, I had my accident. (Go figure.)

    1. Oh, no, Cecelia! I’m so sorry you’ve been home bound and dealing with physical therapy. 🙁 It sounds as though you’re on the mend. I hope you love your new car AND get to have some fun at the coffee shop soon!

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