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I Left the House!

Okay, today's title probably seems sarcastic, kind of like the meme going around about not needing to say you see snow because we all have eyes, but for real, this isn't snarky. I tend to hibernate in the winter. Sure, I get groceries and run an errand or two, but more…

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Television Recommendations Needed!

I'm in a television rut. College football is over. I don't enjoy watching basketball, and I have no clue what to watch. The only show I'm viewing regularly is Married At First Sight, which is very entertaining. But it only comes on once a what should I watch? Here's…

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And Then There Was One…Truffle

I've had a two pack of white peppermint Lindor truffles on my desk all week. These little delights are so delicious, you can't help but close your eyes and black out a teeny bit while eating them. So smooth. So creamy. So full of calories and sugar. Bummer.     Yeah, I'm…

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My One Word and a Winner!

My One Word

Who is ready for Christmas? (No one?? Ha!) Well, guess what? You've got another day, so no worries. You've got this! In between wrapping presents, buying presents I forgot about, and all the other holiday craziness, I've been taking time out to reflect and pray. Every year I skip the…

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Do You Buy Yourself Stuff in December?

I'm not much of a shopper, but every December I end up buying things for myself while Christmas shopping. Oopsies! For instance, I recently purchased the latest CD by Alabama Shakes, Sound and Color, a new medium-sized casserole dish since my favorite one had a huge chip in the handle, a boatload of…

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Halloween Memories

This is going to be one of those posts that starts with, "When I was growing up..." so you've been warned! Anyway, when I was growing up, Halloween was a festive day, but it was much lower on the excitement scale than say, Christmas or Easter. We didn't have parties.…

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