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March 2018 goals,

What Are Your March 2018 Goals?

March is here! Yay! March is always cold here, but at least we’re on the tail-end of winter. It’s good for one thing–I get a lot of writing tasks accomplished!


March 2018 goals,


On the first Wednesday of each month, I share my monthly goals and encourage you to in the comments. Before I list my March 2018 goals, I’m reviewing last month’s progress.

Last Month: Jill’s February 2018 Goals

  1. Finish drafting my work-in-progress.
  2. Start content edits when the draft is complete.
  3. Side writing project: meet weekly goals.
  4. *Possible* Final edits for my third Wyoming Cowboy book might arrive this month. In that case, I would move #2 (content edits) to March.
  5. Health: Exercise 4-5 days/week for 3o minutes, log calories in MyFitnessPal and stay withing calorie range most days (I don’t mind going over my range one day a week).

How did I do?

  1. Yes! Finished drafting my WIP! Check.
  2. Yes, started content edits. Check.
  3. Met 2 out of 3 goals on side writing project. Kind of check.
  4. Yes, I received and completed final edits for Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets (releasing October 2018!). Check.
  5. No. Just no. I had extra responsibilities this month, and I’m not proud of this, but my health goals were the first to go. NO check.

Next month: Jill’s March 2018 Goals

  1. Start putting promo together for June release.
  2. Expand ideas for new series.
  3. Expand synopsis for next proposal.
  4. Health: Exercise 4-5 days/week and stay in calorie range most days by tracking food via MyFitnessPal.


February brought some exciting challenges, and I’m more than ready to take a brief breather and focus on different aspects of writing this month. Oh, and I need to get my momentum going again on my health!

*Party Time!! Join Jessica R. Patch, me, and several other authors on Thursday, March 8, 2018 to celebrate Jessica’s new release, Secret Service Setup, with a Facebook Party!! The party runs from 7-9 pm Central time (that’s 8-10 pm Eastern time!). We’d love to have you join us, and, yes, there will be prizes and giggling!

Click HERE for the party link. Just click the “Going” button and you’ll be all set!

How did you do last month? What would you like to accomplish this month? I’d love to hear–share in the comments!


Jill Kemerer is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of heartwarming, emotional, small-town romance novels often featuring cowboys. She hopes to encourage readers through her books the way so many books have encouraged her. Jill's essentials include coffee, caramels, a stack of books, her mini-doxie, and long walks outdoors. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two almost-grown children. For more information, visit her website,

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  1. Hey, Jill. It’s been a while since I popped over here. Great job on your goals last month! I’m very much like you in that my health goals are often the ones to shoot out the window the quickest. Naughty, naughty us. Well, I guess we’ll just have to get more determined about it this month! 🙂

    My March goals:
    1. Finish two review books and a reading challenge that ends at the end of this month.
    2. Finish first draft of my current fiction WIP.
    3. Expand devotional time to include a Bible study workbook.
    4. After knee finishes healing (from hyper-extension about a month ago): Use stepper for ten minutes a day, two days a week; do yoga video one day a week. (Baby stepping back into the health stuff, due to my knee injury. Don’t want to overdo it too much and cause a setback!)

    1. Ouch, Andrea, sorry about your knee. Is it healing well? I’m glad you have a plan to get back to your health goals. I do yoga a few times a week–keeps me limber!

      Your goals look great! Come back next month and let me know how you did!

    2. Andrea, love the idea of expanding your devotional time. If we leave Christ out of this, we got nothin’.

      1. Jill, yes, my knee is nearly well. It’s down to that phase where I feel like I can conquer the world… but my knee brings me back to reality in a sudden twinge. Another couple of weeks should have it right as rain, as they say.

        Kathy, you’re absolutely right! I have already been spending time in the Word and praying and communing with Jesus, but I have a Bible study workbook I’ve been struggling to get invested in. This goal is to help me dive deeper into that book and pull out every ounce of goodness from it that I can.

          1. Jill, I’m not doing PT. Mostly, I’ve been resting and icing it thus far. Once the pain is completely gone, then I’ll be stretching and doing yoga, which should help. Thanks so much for your compassion.

  2. Jill: I have been down with the Influenza A. Hubby was also down. He was even hospitalized a couple of days. I haven’t done anything but eat when I can, sleep at odd hours and watch television, I want this virus to “run its course,” I am tired of wasting my days,

  3. Great job on your goals, Jill! Why is it that the health/fitness goal is the first to go?? When our house was being remodeled, that was the first to go for me too. I just started running again Monday, from last October! Why did it take so long to get back into it? I love the title for your October 2018 release!!! Can’t wait to read it. It sounds like it’ll get a cute cover too!

    My goals for February:
    1) write every day to have pages to share with critique partner once a week-happened one week
    2) find another critique partner to share with-found two more!
    3) make progress on the story I’m working on-made progress
    4) be more intentional about running-started!
    5) read a craft book and take notes-picked a book to read

    March writing goals:
    1) Write every day to have pages to share with critique partners once a week
    2) Be more intentional about running
    3) Read a craft book and take notes
    4) Prepare an entry for an upcoming contest
    5) Query an agent with a completed story

    I am going to post these goals where I can see them every day, and every day I am going to work toward fulfilling these goals! Praying for you and your goals, Jill!

    1. Oooh!! Nice job, Sally! I can feel your excitement. I’m so glad you found more critique partners and are consistently adding pages to your book–yes! I love ALL your goals–and congrats on jogging again. That’s awesome!!

  4. I haven’t met my goals for January, February OR March. Crisis after crisis, usually double-booked. This winter we’ve been through everything except Death of a Pet. Still managed to hang on, sometimes by my fingernails, and got a Bunch of Stuff Done regarding writing. Maybe my original schedule was TOO ambitious. I mean it’s winter in New England, bad stuff is gonna happen.
    Fell down on the “getting in shape” one, the weather wasn’t conducive, but I’ll get back to it.
    Goals for the rest of March:
    Put my new Christmas romance in a contest or two
    Finish and polish sequel to above
    Prepare a half-dozen guest blogs
    Clean my closets! Snow too deep to work in yard.
    And… resume my walking schedule. I’m a diabetic and I’ve got osteo, so walking isn’t an option.
    Jill, thanks for getting me back on track.
    Kathy Bailey

    1. Oh, Kathy, it sounds like 2018 has been rough for you. Winter is hard enough without all the extra problems! Ugh…

      I love your goals! You’ve got this!! Walking is my favorite exercise as long as I can go outside. In another month, I’ll be finally outdoors again! YAY!!

      Good luck!

  5. Best wishes for all these wonderful goals, ladies! Cecilia, may you and hubby both feel better soon!

  6. This has been a busy week, a very fun week, but extremely busy. My writing has been slower than usual. I am thankful God gives our family wonderful times to be together. Once things slow down a bit, I will be back to writing my book. I have written a couple of blog posts for my blog and guest posts, too. 🙂

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