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June 2022 Goals

June 2022 Goals

My writer productivity skyrockets when I set monthly goals. At the beginning of each week I break them down into daily tasks that will work within my current schedule. Do you know how great it is to finish projects? Of course you do! For me, setting monthly goals makes it all possible.

Every month I share how I did the previous month as well as my new goals. Let’s get to it!

How Did I Do? Jill’s May 2022 Goals

  • Writing
  • Write, revise and polish the proposal for the next series. CHECK!
  • Celebrate and promote my upcoming release of Wyoming Ranchers book 3–Guarding His Secret. (On store shelves May 24, 2022 through the month of June.) CHECK!
  • Work on my nonfiction project for 30 minutes/day, 3 days/week. NO CHECK.
  • Health
  • Exercise 5 days/week (Alternating between the two 12-week programs. I only have two weeks left of one of the programs. It’s hard to believe!) CHECK!
  • Two raw veggies/weekday (I’m cutting myself some slack on the weekends) CHECK!
  • Other
  • Read 15 minutes of fiction every weekday CHECK!
  • Try out the food dehydrator I borrowed from my mom CHECK!

I decided to set aside the nonfiction this month to finish my other projects early. I’m glad I did. The next two months will be very busy, and I have another book to write!

On the health front, I did well. I finally got serious about the weight creep, and I made the decision to go back to counting calories using MyFitnessPal. It works for me, and frankly, none of my shorts fit!

Jill’s June 2022 Goals

  • Writing
  • Write 42,000 words to finish the draft of Wyoming Ranchers book 6.
  • Health
  • Exercise 5 days/week
  • Two raw veggies/weekday (I’m cutting myself some slack on the weekends)
  • Counting calories using MyFitnessPal and sticking to reduced total calories on weekdays.
  • Other
  • Read 15 minutes of fiction every weekday
  • Enjoy seeing a few really great friends!

How did you do last month? What are your June 2022 goals?

My latest release, GUARDING HIS SECRET, is in stores this month! You can find it at any Walmart, Barnes & Noble and wherever Love Inspired books are sold. Purchase links can be found HERE!


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Jill Kemerer is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of heartwarming, emotional, small-town romance novels often featuring cowboys. She hopes to encourage readers through her books the way so many books have encouraged her. Jill's essentials include coffee, caramels, a stack of books, her mini-doxie, and long walks outdoors. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two almost-grown children. For more information, visit her website,

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  1. I did okay. Considering that I had two sets of galleys to proof for two different projects, IN THE SAME WEEK, maybe more than okay.
    I met my health goals, walking and eating better whenever possible. It was a long winter, but I’m back on track with walking 3-5 times a week and eating salads for lunch.
    I met my HOUSE goals! Dave and I had a junk service come and remove 35 years of crapola. It took our whole income tax refund, but it was good to get it over with, and I know if we’d nickeled and dimed it, it would never have gotten done.
    And I got back to my WIP. The one I abandoned in October with three chapters to go. Longest writers block ever, at least for me.
    June goals:
    Prep for my upcoming releases, one July 22, one Aug. 8.
    — Line up blog spots and speaking engagements.
    — Get new business cards for the new books.
    — Design and obtain promo items, such as bookmarks.
    — Fine-tune my Powerpoints for the books.
    Start my rewrite on the WIP.
    Start my research on the book that comes AFTER the WIP.
    — Walk 3-5 times a week.
    — Eat salads for lunch 3 times a week.
    — Add swimming to the mix, at least for summer.
    — Go through the stuff the junk service didn’t take.
    — Research contractors for possible remodeling.
    SO excited about what this summer is going to bring!
    Kathy Bailey

    1. This is so awesome, Kathy!! I think hiring a company to haul away the unnecessary stuff was a brilliant move! Now you don’t have to add “tackle the closets” to your list. Love it!! And, wow, two sets of galleys in one week? Yikes. I’m so proud of you for getting SO MUCH done! Woohoo!!

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