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Glass City Author Event, Television Interview and Pizza!

This week has been really cool. I got new author pictures taken, my friend Constance Phillips and I were interviewed on a local television program, I’m gearing up for a HUGE book event this weekend AND I’m ordering pizza tonight! I know, I’m pinching myself, too! Pizza is my favorite! Haha!

Back to the other good stuff…

Jill Kemerer TV
I took this right before the television interview!


As soon as my fabulous photographer sends me the new author pictures, I’ll share them with you. The television interview was yesterday on WTOL 11 Your Day. Constance Phillips and I chatted with Amanda Fay about our books, our local romance writers group (, and the book event. You can catch it by clicking on the link below!

“Local Writers Take Part in Glass City Author Event”

On to the book event…the HUGE book event…this Saturday!!

The Glass City Author Event is held at the Seagate Center in downtown Toledo, Ohio, from 9am-5pm on October 8, 2016.

There will be over 100 authors signing books! Tickets are required to enter. Here’s the link to buy them, EventBrite, and you can buy tickets at the door, but they are MUCH more expensive. If you’re planning on attending, Constance Phillips and I have adjoining tables (113 and 114) near the entrance, and we’d love to meet you, so stop by!

And then there’s the pizza. Mm…I can’t wait.

What are your weekend plans? Do they involve pizza?

Have a great weekend!!

Life Lessons and Final Day of Contests!

Did you have a good weekend? We did! My sweet in-laws stayed with us, we attended a few sporting events for our kids, had yummy food and nice weather. Can’t ask for more than that!



This week kicks off the official release of Unexpected Family! I have an exciting line-up of events. You can find the full schedule on my EVENTS page at any time! Today I’m a guest on Jeanne Takenaka’s blog and I’m talking about a life lesson I learned. I’d love if you stopped by.

Also, today is the FINAL day of two giveaways! You could win a gift package with both my books, biscotti, instant latte, a cute notepad and a mug. Hop over to my HOME page for the entry options. The other giveaway is on Goodreads. I’m giving away five paperback copies of Unexpected Family. The entry form is on the sidebar of this blog.

What did you do this weekend?

Have a great day!


Last Night’s Scary Tornado

All week my daughter took a class in a busy part of the city. Road construction around here is terrible right now, and we were both glad last night was her final meeting. When class let out, the sky turned an ugly yellow-brown on one side and dark blue on the other.

As soon as we got on the highway we knew we were in trouble. Tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings blared from the radio. The sky behind us grew muddy brown as two lines of stopped traffic greeted us. The nearest exit was three miles away. We were trapped.

A huge murky white cloud to our left flashed intermittent lightning. Traffic crawled, stopped, then nudged ahead. Tornado sirens screeched outside. My daughter Googled what to do during a tornado if you were in a car. Naturally, automobiles are the most dangerous place to be in during a tornado! The radio announcers kept saying to get to a safe place.

We wanted to get to a safe place, but how could we? We couldn’t get off the highway!

The weather grew more severe, but my daughter texted friends and learned the weather at home was even worse. Apparently our house was being pelted with hail. A tornado touched down in a town a few miles from ours.

The sky grew darker and darker, but thankfully, the tornado and storm were heading east of us. It took us an hour to get home, but we made it safely.

My brain kept going back to my book. Small-Town Bachelor features a terrifying tornado. I’ve been near tornadoes in the past, but this was the first time we were stuck in a traffic jam with one nearby. I prefer to be in the safety of my basement! Severe storms and tornadoes are scary, and I hope we won’t be anywhere near one again!

Have you ever been stuck in a tornado? What storms scare you?

My friend, the extremely talented writer Beth K. Vogt, is hosting me on her blog today! She features quotables! I love her site. :)

Also, if you’re in the Oakley, Michigan area this Saturday, April 11, pop in at the Oakley Village Hall from 2-4pm for an author meet and greet! I’ll be selling and signing copies of Small-Town Bachelor! See my Events page for the address and details.

Have a terrific weekend!!

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