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Get More Done with a Plan #ww Jill Kemerer Blog

Get More Done with a Plan #WW

When you wake up on Monday, do you have a general idea of what you want to accomplish?

This is typically how my thoughts run…

Keep writing the new book. Put together the guest blog. Create graphics for the new release. Oh, and write my blog post. And what about social media?

Instead of anticipating the week, I start to feel crushed because of the sheer amount of things to do. I tend to focus so intensely on the writing that I end up cramming promotion or not doing it on a regular basis. And forget all the other writer duties. They get shoved aside to that fruitless land called “when I have more time.”

I know, you’re laughing right now. We never have a day with more time!

This summer, I stopped the gerbil-on-a-wheel approach to my writing life. I was nervous about it, but it ended up working out better than I could have imagined.

There IS a better way, and I’m living it as we speak.

I realized I have all the time I need right now. I just have to be very, very deliberate. No more hoping I’ll get everything done. Now I plan to get everything done.

Think about your writing life. What MUST get done each week?

For me, it’s the actual writing (or plotting, revising, editing). Then it’s ongoing promotion like posting to social media and my blog, and admin duties (emails, income/expense report, updating website, etc…).

Additionally, what do you want to get done each week?

For me it’s freelance writing, continuous education, long-term marketing, and brainstorming ideas.

How can you fit ALL of these categories in on a regular basis?

Every Monday, I assign duties to each day. If I have appointments, I assign less to those days. I’m very clear about what I’ll be doing, too. For example, Friday I will be doing admin work from 9-9:30am, revising a novella from 9:30-noon, taking thirty minutes to an hour for lunch, going back to the novella from 1-4:00pm, and drafting a freelance story from 4-6:00pm. Not having to think about it frees my brain to just do it!

In the past, I would have worked on the novella all day, gotten exhausted by 4:30 or 5:00pm and quit. I’m still tired in the late afternoon, but I can always push myself to switch gears and either work on a shorter piece or study a writing craft book.

The result? I’m writing/revising as much as I used to, AND I’m fitting in the other things on my list. I can’t believe it, but I’m actually getting more done.

**I do take five-minute breaks twice a day to check Facebook, Twitter and my emails. I do NOT linger. It kills my productivity and eats into my time.**

What do you want to get done but never have time for? Do you think planning it into your week would help?

Have a terrific day!



Jill Kemerer is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of heartwarming, emotional, small-town romance novels often featuring cowboys. She hopes to encourage readers through her books the way so many books have encouraged her. Jill's essentials include coffee, caramels, a stack of books, her mini-doxie, and long walks outdoors. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two almost-grown children. For more information, visit her website,

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  1. Good tips, Jill. I’m overwhelmed right now. Came back from ACFW with two agents agreeing to see one of my books, but it needs considerable revisions before I even send it to them. And revising the book is not something I had budgeted time for. It will get done, but I do need to rearrange things.
    I like the idea of budgeting time to SPECIFIC chores, as in you know what you’ll be doing each day and the time you’ll allot to it. It’s like what organization gurus tell pack rats and hoarders.”Set a timer and do the junk drawer!” All my drawers are junk drawers, but you get the idea.
    Didn’t even do your goal-setting exercise this month because I wasn’t sure where to begin, will get back to it in November.
    Kathy Bailey

    1. Kathy, I hear you!! It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things we need to do. When I’m planning, I look the big picture with definitive goals/deadlines, but on a day to day basis, I just dig in and do what I’ve allocated for each time period. Do you think it would help if you specified 1-2 hours in the morning or at night to work on revising and fit everything else in as best you could? I’m rooting for you!!

  2. I am trying to find time to do some re-arranging of my writing space and finish getting out my fall/winter clothes. I know, that’s non-writing, but in Indiana, it’s important. I am considering blog posting two days a week in the new year. I am trying to add speaking to my ministry and need to find time to contact different groups here in town. Right now, I have one that has worked with me. It’s at a local nursing home.

    1. Cecelia, dealing with the clothes was on my list, too. I just finished it yesterday! I love that you’re thinking of expanding your ministry. Awesome!! Do you have a plan of attack? Maybe 2-3 topics (and short summaries) to present to them? What a blessing you are!

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