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February 2022 Goals by Jill Kemerer

February 2022 Goals

My writer productivity skyrockets when I set monthly goals. At the beginning of each week I break them down into daily tasks that will work within my current schedule. Do you know how great it is to finish projects? Of course you do! For me, setting monthly goals makes it all possible.

Every month I share how I did the previous month as well as my new goals. Let’s get to it!

How Did I Do? Jill’s January Goals

  • Writing
  • Revise and submit proposal for Wyoming Ranchers Book 5. CHECK!
  • Continue promoting  A Cowboy to Rely On, which is in stores through January. CHECK!
  • Practice a writing workshop for January event. CHECK!
  • Continue drafting full manuscript of Wyoming Ranchers Book 5. CHECK. I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped, though.
  • Health
  • Exercise 5 days/week (Phase one of 12-week program). CHECK
  • Limit processed foods. CHECK
  • Drink minimum of 72 ounces of water every day. CHECK
  • Other
  • Read 15 minutes of fiction every weekday. CHECK! (I’ve already read a few great novels! Yay!)
  • Think about how to make free-time more fun. CHECK. I know nothing about symphonies, so I’m listening to 10-15 minutes of one at a time. If I listen longer, my mind wanders! I’m enjoying this addition to my free time activities.

All in all, January was a success. No, I didn’t get as much written on my first draft as I’d wanted, but I got something done, and that’s good. As far as my health, I wasn’t loving the new 12-week workout plan as much as I’d hoped, but I’m doing well on limiting my processed foods.

The three novels I finished in January were all really good. Here they are if you’re interested:

Amazon Link (#commissionearned)
Amazon Link
Amazon Link (#commissionearned)

Let’s move on to my new goals!

Jill’s February 2022 Goals

  • Writing
  • Finish writing the first draft of Wyoming Ranchers Book 5
  • Work on my nonfiction project for 30 minutes/day, 4 days/week
  • Continue plotting new cowboy series
  • Health
  • Exercise 5 days/week (Alternating between the two 12-week programs)
  • Two raw veggies/day
  • Drink minimum of 72 ounces of water every day
  • Other
  • Read 15 minutes of fiction every weekday

Since the new 12-week workout program is more focused on strength training and the workouts are all longer, I’ve decided to switch back and forth between the first 12-week workout program and the new one. So basically I’ll be doing one week of the first, then one week of the second, then back to the first. This will add more variety and shorten up some of the workouts for me.

Everything else is moving along. I’m sticking with what works!

What were your January goals? How did you do? Were there any hiccups in your plan?

Have a fabulous day!


Jill Kemerer is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author of heartwarming, emotional, small-town romance novels often featuring cowboys. She hopes to encourage readers through her books the way so many books have encouraged her. Jill's essentials include coffee, caramels, a stack of books, her mini-doxie, and long walks outdoors. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two almost-grown children. For more information, visit her website,

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. January left something to be desired.
    I didn’t work on my fiction manuscript. I just couldn’t get my mind around it. Maybe I’m writing the wrong book. NO CHECK
    I made significant progress on my nonfiction local history book. Significant in the sense of I’m coming in at least a week under deadline. CHECK
    Started PR for my July release, working on guest blogs and signing up for blog tours. CHECK! You can never start this too early.
    Started cleaning closets, gave some stuff away and junked the rest. Still a ways to go, but I STARTED. CHECK!
    Ate well, keeping up with my salad and fruit goals. Did not walk. Haven’t walked since Jan. 4 (Yes, I keep a log). NO CHECK.
    So…I did better on my writing goals than anything else, which I guess is something. Got to work on the health goals in February. The fact that it’s New Hampshire in winter is no excuse.
    Thanks Jill for keeping us on track.

    1. I’ve had months like that, too, Kathy. Sometimes we’re blocked on a project. I’m so happy you finished your nonfiction early! Woohoo!! That’s awesome! And you got so many other things accomplished. Progress, not perfection, my friend!

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