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Reunited with the Bull Rider, June 2018, Jill Kemerer, Wyoming Cowboys 2

Reunited with the Bull Rider (Wyoming Cowboys Book 2)

Goodbye rodeo, hello hometown. But is this Wyoming Cowboy ready to face his past?

Amy Deerson wanted to mentor a child. Her plan did not include former bull rider Nash Bolton—the little girl’s brother and guardian. It’s been a decade since Nash left town without a word, breaking Amy’s young heart. Now they must put their painful past aside to help fragile, traumatized Ruby. If only getting over their first love were that simple.

Book Information

ISBN: 978-1335509543
Date: May 22, 2018
Publisher: Love Inspired

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What Readers Are Saying

“This one has all the emotional depth I’ve come to expect from Jill Kemerer! Right from the get-go you know you’re in for more than just an entertaining story; you’re in it for the long haul.” ~ Trixi Amazon Review


“‘He’d put the night out of his mind for almost twenty years. Refused to remember in case it broke him. Would it break him tonight?’

Jill Kemerer has done a wonderful job on this story. The plot is so very good and I fell in love with little Ruby and was in tears several times reading about the hurts this little girl has endured in her short life. Recommended.” ~ Susan Snodgrass Amazon Review


“The characters were realistic and flawed, but so engaging and appealing that I adored them and hated to see the book end. Kemerer has infused this small town tale with her usual warmth, charm and heart-tugging emotion.” ~ SwissMiss Amazon Review


“WOW! WOW! WOW! This is an inspiring story of redemption in not only love, but life as well. The reunion of Amy & Nash with the inclusion of Ruby – I cried so much my husband thinks I’m insane. From the way Amy smelled like cookies and Ruby with the kitten, I was an emotional mess. I love the way Jill blends the most sweet of the world with some rather heartbreaking tales – beautiful! I *loved* this story so much I ran to Amazon to see what else I’ve missed by Jill, then ordered everything. Stalker fangirl mode engaged – thank you for an amazing story!” Lizzy Bailey Amazon Review

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